Mental Health

The month of May affords many things.  This year 2013 May was considered to be Mental Health Month, bringing into our awareness the importance of self-care on many different levels.  As you are well aware, Mental Health and Wellness extends beyond the month of May into our on-going and everyday life.  This very useful link is worth checking out for our own self-wellness in any aspect you may care to navigate and find your way!

“Wellness is more than an absence of disease. It involves complete general, mental and social well-being. And mental health is an essential component of overall health and well-being. The fact is our overall well-being is tied to the balance that exists between our emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health”. 

Whatever our situation, we are all at risk of stress given the demands of daily life and the challenges it brings—at home, at work and in life. Steps that build and maintain well-being and help us all achieve wellness involve a balanced diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, a sense of self-worth, development of coping skills that promote resiliency, emotional awareness, and connections to family, friends and the community”.

While there is a lot to decipher in this link, it gives many different ideas about how to take hold of our own healthier wellness and existence – which all starts from within!


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