A Friend Indeed – Count

I am reminded of a connection that I was fortunate enough to experience.  One of life’s precious moments, and one that goes into my category of a “best-life-experience-ever”. Struggling with, and stressing about the barrage of University papers in 2001, … Continue reading


Do I have the qualities of courage, the compassion, the connection and the vulnerability to be Wholehearted?  Sometimes I am not sure about that, but after listening to Brene Brown on www.TED.com  Ideas Worth Spreading, I became curious about being … Continue reading

Mental Health

The month of May affords many things.  This year 2013 May was considered to be Mental Health Month, bringing into our awareness the importance of self-care on many different levels.  As you are well aware, Mental Health and Wellness extends … Continue reading

Losing a Mentor

Posted 6/6/13 In losing my mentor, it is my realization that life is short and there are precious few who I trust. She is one of those few.  With her ailing health I feel a deep sense of loss and … Continue reading